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SWEET SURRENDER Historical Boxed Set Available Now!

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Six exciting historical romance seductions sure to satisfy for 99c. Heather Boyd, Donna Cummings, Tamara Gill, Suzi Love, Sandra Sookoo, and Wendy Vella deliver history, mystery, scandal and sweet surrender to love in this jam packed Regency and Victorian Romance box set. Grab it while it lasts.


The box set comprises of:
GUARDING THE SPOILS by Heather Boyd: (Wild Randalls, Book 3) Elizabeth Turner once loved Oliver Randall, but was blind to his desire to travel without the encumbrance of a wife weighing him down. When she learned the truth, Beth settled for the security of a loveless marriage. Now a widow with a son to support, desperation has driven her into service at Romsey Abbey and directly into the path of the man she'd loved and lost.
LORD RAKEHELL'S LOVE by Donna Cummings: (The Curse of True Love, Book 1) Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is attempting to play matchmaker in Regency London. . . only she's placed a curse on the lovers instead. Simon is late to his own wedding, and Georgiana is heartbroken by the scandal. After such a blunder, how can Aphrodite possibly reunite this couple?
A GENTLEMAN'S PROMISE by Tamara Gill: (Scandalous Series, Book 1) Charlotte King bows to family duty and marries a man who is not as he seems. Now she is trapped in a marriage of endless pain and fear. Lord Mason Helsing walked away from the one woman he'd always cared for, but upon returning to London, he finds Charlotte is in a loveless & cruel marriage. Can they overcome the strictures of society? Or will they bow to pressure and do as society deems appropriate?
EMBRACING SCANDAL by Suzi Love: (Scandalous Siblings, Book 1) Lady Rebecca Jamison, a mathematical genius, saves her siblings from financial ruin by dabbling in the London stock exchange. When a greedy syndicate kills her friend and threatens her family, Becca begs assistance from Cayle, Duke of Sherwyn, her nemesis and previous friend. He successfully defeats the illegal consortium, but can Cayle persuade a self-sufficient spinster to become his duchess?
ANGEL'S MASTER by Sandra Sookoo: Ethan Williams is a pirate with a conscience. Though he knows the era of piracy is nearly done, he can't help but enjoy his time to the last. Jacqueline Massey is more than she seems--and she bears a remarkable resemblance to the masthead on the Angel's Fury. Once he takes her hostage on his ship, Ethan struggles to show her his human side.
RESCUED BY A VISCOUNT by Wendy Vella: (Regency Rakes, Book 2) When Claire Belmont finds out her brother left something behind in France before he died; she is determined to discover what. However she must seek help to succeed, and from the one man she vowed to avoid. Claire fears that if anyone can disrupt her well-ordered life and see the vulnerable woman behind the polite facade, it will be Viscount Kelkirk and now they are thrown together, she realizes her fears were justified.

You can find the full box set description at retailers:
Amazon.com ~ Amazon.co.uk ~ Amazon.com.au ~ Apple US ~ B&N ~ Kobo

Enjoy and happy reading!

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FALLEN - Available now for pre-order!!!


Yes, you heard that right. The final book in my Daughters Of The Gods series FALLEN is now available for pre-order at Amazon and will be released October 24, 2014!! And in a few short weeks there will be more news with this series which I'm super excited about, but more about that at a later time.
So please, pre-order your copy of FALLEN today so you don't miss out on Sara and Hermes story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it...most of the time. *g*

Sara Daniels needs to change her life, so she sets out to run her late grandmother’s farm. With no man at her side, and deserted by friends who can’t abide her obsession with mythology, it’s the perfect time to escape.

Hermes, favoured son of Zeus, has been framed by his hateful stepmother, Hera. Fleeing Olympus with his life, he finds himself in an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. It’s the ideal place to hide from Zeus that is until the owner— a woman with long, flaming red hair and the darkest blue eyes he’s ever seen — decides to move in.

Sara’s family has divine secrets that even she’s not privy to. Hermes’ secrets, however, have the power to shatter their lives. And with a god as your farmhand, it’s only a matter of time before those secrets are revealed in all their destructive glory. But the wild attraction that blazes between these two souls will not be denied…even if the outcome threatens to doom them both.

Happy reading

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NEW RELEASE - Tarnished Hero by Tara Mills

Tarnished Hero

Falling for Hero is easy. Forgetting he was her mother's lover? Impossible.

When Danica Strauss catches sexy Hero Hernandez stepping out of her mother's shower, their instant and intense attraction is most unwelcome.
The quintessential cougar, Margarite Strauss won't be denied when she wants something...or someone. That is, not until her daughter flies home unexpectedly and pulls her boy toy right out of her arms. Emotions run hot. Passions run even hotter.
Will Dani be able to accept what can't be changed and give her heart to Hero?


Danica tiptoed down the corridor and poked her head in the open door of her mother’s room. The door to the adjoining bath was ajar and the shower was going. Throwing the mess of covers back over the bed, she dropped down on the top, propped herself up on her elbows, and crossed her ankles. It was hard not to laugh out loud as she waited.
Her mom was going to be so surprised.

The shower squeaked off and the glass door clicked open. By this time, Dani was rocking with excitement. She loved a good joke.
Or she did until a strange young man stepped out of the bathroom, naked except for a low slung towel tucked loosely around his lean hips. He was ruffling his glossy black hair dry with a second towel.
Dani bolted to her feet, startled, scared, and outraged. “Who the hell are you and what are you doing on my boat?”
His hands stilled, the towel on his head bunched beneath them. His obsidian eyes widened and his mouth fell open. They stared at each other, both clearly stunned.
A confused frown marring his forehead, he broke the silence first. “What? Who are you?”
“Where’s my mother?” She shot back.
He looked completely lost. “Your mother?”
Losing patience with this back and forth, she snapped, “You’d better answer one of my questions, damn it, or I’m going to scream rape at the top of my lungs!”
“Who are you?” He enunciated each word as if she didn’t understand him!
Glaring gravely back, she shook her head slowly. “That wasn’t an answer.” Dani raised her chin and yelled, “HEL—”
That was all she managed to get out before he ran at her and clapped a hand over her mouth.
“What the hell?”
“I warned you,” she mumbled from behind his fingers, trying to pry them away. He smelled like her mom’s favorite body wash. Damn it! Another one of her mom’s boy-toys. Thrusting him aside so violently he had to grab for his towel or drop it, she glared. “Margarite. Strauss. Where is she?”
Comprehension dawned on his face. “She’s meeting a friend for breakfast.” Now he looked horror-struck. “You’re her daughter?”
“Yes,” she hissed. “And you need to leave. Go, and don’t you dare take anything of ours with you."
Apparently, she'd struck a nerve. For the first time in her life, she fully understood what it meant to see a flash of anger. He looked furious. So angry in fact, she actually backed up.
He began to mutter and curse in Spanish. Grabbing the ends of the towel hanging around his neck with clenched fists, he shook his head and glared daggers at her. Then he went off on another rant.
“English!” She shouted over him. “Speak to me in English.”
To her chagrin, he did just that. “You spoiled little rich girl. What’s the matter, princess? Think anyone not in your income bracket is out to rip you off? Use you? Take advantage? Well guess what, honey. It’s the other way around!” He scowled and stomped over to the bed and yanked the towel off his shoulders. She half expected him to snap it at her. It might have stung less than his words.

He went back on attack. “People like you think you’re so special. You probably don’t even notice you treat anyone working a service job as if you own them. Not that it would probably matter to you anyway. But listen up, Princess. I’m not your damn servant. And I’m not your mom’s, either.”
“No, you’re her fuck buddy!” Just knowing he’d been sleeping with her mom gave Dani the shakes. The very idea sickened her.

He snorted in disgust, but then the strangest thing happened. His face actually fell and he turned sad. “I’m nothing to her. Do you honestly think she sees me as a person? As a human being?” The very idea made him laugh bitterly. “Dream on. I’m just a convenient tool, a useful outlet for stress. You wanna know something?” He shook his head. “She’s never even asked my last name. Not once.” The disillusionment in his beautiful dark eyes overwhelmed her.
Was this true? Was her mother callously using him? She couldn’t discount the idea.
“What is your name?” Her voice was soft now, gentle. She couldn’t bring herself to antagonize him further.
Caught pressing his palms to his forehead, he lowered his arms and looked at her, an odd expression on his face. “Hero.”
Smiling in surprise, she clarified. “Your last name.”
That’s when he finally showed her his perfect teeth behind those kissable lips. “Hernandez.”
Completely taken aback at the flare of attraction his smile set off inside her, Dani flushed and looked away before she gave herself away. She took a deep breath. Her voice shook anyway. “Hero Hernandez, I think you’d better go.”

Tarnished Hero is on sale now at Amazon, Amazon UK, & Amazon AU.

About the Author

Tara Mills is a contemporary romance writer, lover of laughter, wit, and all things beautiful.

I'm a pampered wife, mother to three fantabulous sons and one awesome daughter-in-law, and an immature nana who loves to play. Yep, I think I've covered it all. Oh, and I'm altitude challenged—teeny, tiny, little me.

Please visit my website Tara Mills Romance for some awesome reads and my quirky blog. You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, or follow me on Twitter.

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NEW RELEASE - Sexual Politics by Tara Mills

Sexual Politics

Is the scandal worth it? Only she can answer that.

For two years Justine Hubbard has played the supportive wife role for her husband in public...and nowhere else. Senator Gary Hubbard’s philandering ended her love for him. But sometimes there are reasons people decide to maintain the illusion of a happy marriage when the relationship is over.

Living a lie until after the election wasn’t an issue—until she met Sean O’Donnell. She can’t fool the perceptive photographer. He understands her. He wants her. After feeling invisible to her husband, that’s an intoxicating discovery. But having condemned her husband for his hushed affairs, it would be hypocritical to give in to her desire for Sean.

All it would take is a whisper of scandal for her husband’s political enemies to bring him down. She wouldn’t dream of sacrificing Gary’s career, their causes, and her own good name. But how can she stay away from Sean now that she’s fallen for him?


The senator put his arm around his wife while she stood, frozen, her smile brittle on the edges. “Justine is a big patron of the arts. I’m glad she found someone interesting to talk to tonight. She hates these functions.”
Sean smiled tightly, noting her discomfort. “She’s not the only one.”
“Yes, well…” The senator rubbed his hands together. “The sooner I get out of here, the sooner I can get home.”
Sean felt the next perfunctory kiss was for his benefit. His heart went out to her.
“Don’t wait up,” the senator said to his wife.
One more insincere handshake with Sean and the man was gone.
She seemed to shrink, as if letting go of the tension took an inch off her height. “I think he forgot to call for my car.”
“I’m just about to leave. Would you like to share a cab?”
The corner of her mouth twitched and she nodded, her lovely hazel eyes shining, though not a tear fell.
They ditched their glasses and headed to the atrium. Twice his hand strayed automatically toward the small of her back as they walked. He had to remind himself not to touch her.
Collecting their coats, he helped her into hers then slipped on his own, winding his slate gray scarf around his neck.
He didn’t hesitate to offer his arm on the way out. Her high heels demanded it. Even though the sidewalk had clearly been shoveled once already, snow continued to fall, the scattered salt leaving circular patterns of melt amidst the slick. The doorman waved a cab forward and opened the door for them. Sean helped her into the back then slid in after her.
The doorman shut them in as Sean adjusted his long coat on the seat around him. “Let’s drop you off first.”
“All right.” She leaned forward and gave the cabbie her address.

* * * *
Justine was hyper aware of O’Donnell’s hand resting on the seat not eight inches from hers as they rode across the city. If they both stretched out a pinky, they might even touch. Beyond handshakes, she hadn’t touched a man in so long. Gary no longer counted. He only touched her in public. After his second brief affair, she’d insisted.
Her life, her marriage, her husband—all of it was a sham.
Glancing surreptitiously at Sean O’Donnell as he watched the scenery pass, she was struck by how handsome he was, in a completely natural way. There was no hint of product in his hair to tame and control the wayward curls flaring out behind his ears. If anyone gave Gary’s hair a little pat it would shift on his head like one solid, perfect helmet.
Even though it was faint, she could smell Old Spice coming off her quiet seatmate. It made her smile. Ah, memories. Back in the day, she used to love that aftershave. Gary only wore expensive cologne.
Sean cleaned up nicely, but she could tell he was as uncomfortable with the public side of his life as she was with hers. There was something genuine about him. After living with a facsimile of a human being for seven years, that was an attractive quality to have.
The cab turned onto her street and she began to worry the purse in her lap. Their ride had taken no time at all. They pulled to the curb in front of her townhouse and she started to open the clasp on her purse for her share of the fare. That’s when Sean O’Donnell finally touched her bare hand, stopping her.
“It was on the way,” he said.
“Thank you.”
He exited the car then held the door, assisting her out. “I’ll walk you up.”
Afraid it would feel too much like the end of an awkward date, she declined his offer, though she appreciated his consideration. “That isn’t necessary.”
“Don’t forget, the Russell Gallery. I hope to see you there, Mrs. Hubbard.”
Flattered, she laughed softly. “I’ll be there. But please, call me Justine.”
She liked how his eyes crinkled at the corners when he smiled. “Sean.”
“Thank you for the ride.”
“My pleasure. Goodnight, Justine.” He stood there, silent and seemingly unaffected by the large, fluffy snowflakes settling on his hair and shoulders.
“Goodnight, Sean.” Feeling a blush coming on, she hurried up her front steps and slipped her key in the lock. He was still watching over her from the open car door when she turned on the light and stepped into the foyer. Lifting her hand, she gave him a final parting wave.
Nodding once in return, he dipped his head and got back into the taxi.
As the car pulled away, she fell against the door and turned the deadbolt, her heart racing in a thrilling and inappropriate way.

Sexual Politics is on sale now on Amazon, Amazon UKAmazon AU & B&N.

About the Author

Tara Mills is a contemporary romance writer, lover of laughter, wit, and all things beautiful.

I'm a pampered wife, mother to three fantabulous sons and one awesome daughter-in-law, and an immature nana who loves to play. Yep, I think I've covered it all. Oh, and I'm altitude challenged—teeny, tiny, little me.

Please visit my website Tara Mills Romance for some awesome reads and my quirky blog. You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, or follow me on Twitter.

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NEW RELEASE - In Love and War by Tara Mills

In Love and War

Sometimes love really is worth fighting for, but picking your battles isn't so easy—especially when lives are at stake. Personal tragedy and the loss of both parents at a young age made Ariela Perrine cross self-sacrificing hero types off her datable list. But Ariela is literally swept off her feet when an accident brings her face to face with an unforgettable pair of blue eyes, a playful smile, and an overly affectionate dog.

Oh yes, journalist Dylan Bond makes her sizzle, but dare she risk it? After all, he's just returned from covering conflicts around the globe. With his assurance he'll be handling domestic stories from now on, Ariela's weak resistance crumbles and their relationship intensifies at a dizzying speed. Then an unexpected phone call lures Dylan back to Iraq and he falls off the radar. His disappearance will test them both in ways neither expected. Will it bring them closer or destroy their fragile peace forever?

Sneak Peak

Dylan chuckled and drew his hand out from under her hair, caressing her cheek before returning it to the wheel and signaling his turn.

Ariela had described the unsettled feeling Dylan gave her as a tornado, but now she wasn’t sure that was the right comparison. A tornado was loud and violent, certainly, but after careful consideration, that seemed too dry. No, this was closer to a tsunami or hurricane churning through her insides because there was moisture, a great deal of very unmistakable moisture to go along with the roaring in her ears and the rumbling in her chest.

As they climbed the staircase, her footsteps felt springy, buoyant on the treads. It was as if her legs were pogo sticks. Did he feel any of this? Could he tell she was lost in a maelstrom he’d set off?

Inside the apartment, Dylan allowed her just enough time to hang up her purse before he caught her around the waist and turned her in his arms. There was something in his eyes, those luscious, blueberry eyes, that sent tension vibrating along her spine. For a fraction of a second, he simply looked at her with just a hint of a smile. Then he moved on her, decisively, closing the space between them.

Ariela looped her arms behind his neck and held on, perfectly ready and willing to be plundered. Her feet left the floor at the same time their lips connected and suddenly they were collapsing on the couch. Dylan’s hand protected her head down to the cushions. That simple, thoughtful act undid her. Ariela kissed him long and hard, rewarding his consideration.

Finally coming up for air, she nuzzled along his jaw. “You smell fantastic.”

“So do you,” he growled, diving at her throat.

“My perfume wore off hours ago.”

“I know.”

That was it—she was his if he wanted her. What an easy conquest she’d turned out to be. She couldn’t even summon up disappointment in herself. The reality was, she’d never wanted anything, anyone more, and it was no use fighting it.

Dylan pulled his head back, his lust for her unmistakable in his smoldering eyes. “Are we on the same page here?”

She cracked a little smile. “God, I hope so.”

With a groan, he crushed his lips to hers and Ariela felt a slight sting against her teeth. Then his tongue ventured out and soothed the pain away. Now his kiss mellowed from one of heated urgency to a calmer, solid claim. He had a right to be here, to possess her, because she’d granted it. Ariela wanted to feel Dylan’s hard body against hers, but she realized he wasn’t a guy to take without invitation. Even now, if she changed her mind and asked him to stop, he’d do it, no matter how difficult it was to pull back. Confidence in that made her want him even more. This would be an utter surrender, an open agreement with an occupying force.

She fumbled with the buttons on his shirt while he held himself over her, working her top up with one hand.

He looked down, grinning at her impatience. “Just clarifying something here. You’re not interested in me?”

“How many times do I have to tell you? At this time, you’re on my banned substances list.” Ariela swept his shirt apart and ran her hands over his chest, squeezing his yummy pecs.

In Love and War is on sale now on Amazon, Amazon UK, and Amazon Au.

About the Author

I’m a pampered wife, mother to three fantastic sons, one super daughter-in-law, and proud nana. I write the stories I like to read. Life is difficult. Love makes it bearable. Please visit my website Tara Mills Romance for more great reads and my quirky blog. I’m also on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.