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NEW RELEASE & GIVEAWAY - Reckless Weekend by Eden Summers

In Vegas, a lot can happen in twenty-four hours.
What do you get when you mix a rock band as hot as Reckless Beat, women strong enough to capture several of the bad boys’ hearts, and a bet that sparks a competitive streak?

Boundaries will be pushed, alcohol will be abused, and loads of sarcasm will be shared.
Once the games are over, it’s time to make a commitment. But love in the limelight is never easy. The past is trying to catch up with the present, and the pressure may be too hard to handle.

Seduction, torment, laughter, and heartbreak—one reckless weekend will test each member of the band and the women who’ve claimed their love.

Category: Erotic Romance

The guys stared at him with varying degrees of disbelief and annoyance—Sean, Mason, their two bodyguards, even Ryan wasn’t impressed. The one person who didn’t seem pissed was Blake, who sat on the couch across from him, legs crossed at the ankles and a knowing grin tilting his lips.
        “What are you smiling at?” Sean jutted his chin at Blake. “Did you get laid or somethin’?”

        Blake shook his head. “I wish. I spent the last six days in Richmond with grumpy-ass here.” He jerked his thumb in Mason’s direction. “When I got home, Gabi was surfin’ the crimson tide, so I couldn’t get lucky if I tried.”

        “So what’s with the smirk?” Ryan asked.

        Blake outstretched his arms along the back of the lounge. “Can’t a guy be happy to spend quality time with his friends?”

        “You know what’s on the list, don’t you?” Mitch asked, dread growing in his gut. Blake was the only person at the bachelor party who knew the honeymoon issues were fake. Yet there was something more to the gleam in his best friend’s eyes.

        “Gabi may have given me a hint or two.” Blake turned his gaze to Mason. “And why the hell do you have your panties in a bunch about the Brazilian? Didn’t we put the same thing on the list for the ladies?”

        “There’s a big fucking difference, bro,” Mason huffed. “Women get their shit waxed all the time.”

        Sean cleared his throat. “I’ll do it.”

        Stunned silence followed.

        Mitch turned his attention to Sean along with everyone else in the room.

        “What?” Sean frowned, lowering his gaze to the glass in his hands. “I’ve had it done before. No big deal.”

        “You’ve had it done before,” Mason repeated, emphasizing the words with slow deliberation. “You’ve had the hair ripped from your balls, just for the hell of it?”

        “It’s not like it’s all pain and no gain. I’ll get my pole smoked afterward.”

        “Beauty therapists aren’t whores. You know that, right?” Ryan asked. “A blow job isn’t part of the deal.”

        Sean shrugged. “They’ve never let me down before.”

        “OK.” Blake drawled with widened eyes. “So we’ve determined who’ll get kicked out of the beauty salon first. What else is on the list?”

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Eden Summers is a true blue Aussie, living in regional New South Wales with her two energetic young boys and a quick witted husband.

In late 2010, Eden's romance obsession could no longer be sated by reading alone, so she decided to give voice to the sexy men and sassy women in her mind.
Eden can't resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face.


Monday, March 10, 2014

NEW RELEASE - The Duke's Quandary by Callie Hutton

The Duke's Quandary

She’ll never belong in his world, but he cannot resist her.
London 1814...
Drake, Duke of Manchester is searching the Marriage Mart for a perfect bride. He wants a woman who is poised, sophisticated, and worthy of the title Duchess. But most of all, he wants a woman who does not want the useless emotion of love.
Socially awkward Miss Penelope Clayton isn't meant for marriage. A serious botanist, she has no desire to wed, so being forced by her guardian to participate in the Season to find a husband is torture. She'll never fit in with the ton, especially if they discover she's been pretending to be a man within the scientific community.
As Drake's family makes over Penelope, turning her from naive bluestocking to enchanting debutante, he is put upon to introduce her to society and eligible bachelors. Despite dance lessons and new gowns, Penelope is the opposite of poised and sophisticated as she stumbles from one mishap to the next. Why then, does he find it so hard to resist her?

Callie Hutton always knew those stories she made up in her head would be written down one day. There was nowhere else for them to go. After years of writing articles and interviews for magazines and company newsletters, she decided to tackle writing a book. That was back in 2010. Now with twelve books under her belt, and seven more contracted, the relief at having somewhere to tell those stories is wonderful. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, adult children and three dogs.
You can find Callie by visiting her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads or through her publisher, Entangled Publishing.


Friday, February 21, 2014

NEW RELEASE - Intimate Strangers by Tara Mills

Intimate Strangers
Can she ever forgive herself? Will she ever forget him?
When newly engaged couple Mac and Kate, take a celebratory fishing trip off the island of Pelican Cay, they never dream their romantic bliss is in jeopardy.
What happens will test Kate in ways she never saw coming, make her question what she understands about her own heart, and lead her into the arms of another man.
This exciting short story has it all; romance, terror, passion, betrayal, and a happy ending, of course, but perhaps not the one you'd expect.
Sneak Peek
There was a spring in Kate and Mac’s steps when they hustled down the dock, clasped hands swinging between them on this bright and early morning. In truth, it could have been simply the give of the walkway under their feet, but she chose to attribute it to their blissful mood. Her skin still tingled from making love with him back at the hotel. Both wore smiles that wouldn’t quit.
Kate turned her wrist, and his, to admire her beautiful new ring. The breathtaking diamond caught the light and shimmered back at her, utterly captivating her all over again.
Mac shot her a quick glance and chuckled as he gently tugged her along. “Come on. You’ll have all kinds of time to stare at that rock once we’re on the boat.”
“I can’t help it.” She laughed, still thrown by his unexpected proposal. “I love it!”
He turned her hand so he could admire the ring himself then winked at her. “It looks good on you.” Mac craned his neck and spotted their chartered boat. “I see ‘em.” He shared a nod with a man watching them from a fly bridge just ahead.
The man chuckled as he made his way down a chrome ladder to the deck to meet them. “You beat my other crewman.” Turning, he reached for Kate’s hand, hauling her into the boat as Mac boosted her by the hips from behind. Her fiancĂ© leaped gracefully onto the boat after her and they both faced the captain.
“Welcome aboard the Sea Sprite. I’m Brady Finn.” Still holding her hand, he gave it a hearty pump.
He didn’t look any older than they were, but his sharp features were weathered from the wind and sun. The lines framing his smile gave his tan even more warmth. Her eyes strayed to his sandy hair. Generally, she preferred men who were more clean-cut, like Mac, but the way Brady’s shaggy hair fluttered and feathered in the breeze, with the sun glinting off his natural bleached highlights, was undeniably appealing. As if saving the best for last, only now did she meet his unusual blue-green eyes. Set off by fine lines radiating out from the corner of each, they were beautiful, so striking she was thrown for moment.
No question—most women would find Brady Finn attractive. Trying very hard not to think about it, she blushed at her delayed response to his introduction. “Kate.”
As always, Mac saved the day. Offering his hand to their skipper next, he grinned. “And I’m Mac Schafer.” He looked around, taking it all in. “Wow, this is some boat.”
“Thank you.” The captain was noticeably pleased at the compliment. “Ah … here’s Rome. He’s going to help you haul in your monster fish today.”
“Rome?” Kate raised her eyebrows as she shook the Latino’s hand.
His lips tightened. “I prefer it to Romeo.”
Brady gave him a good-natured cuff on the arm and told the passengers, “He’s not as big a fan of Shakespeare as his mom.”
Chuckling, Mac clasped hands with him and brought back the man’s easy smile. “Good to meet you, Rome."
A sigh of contentment escaped Kate as she gazed at her fiancĂ©. Mac had a way with people, a gift for diffusing tense situations. It’s what attracted her to him in the first place.
Stepping back she was startled to catch the captain watching her, studying her. She had an uneasy suspicion he was very aware of how carefully she’d examined him minutes ago. Looking evasively away, she reached for Mac. Pressed against his side while he chatted, Kate rubbed her hand up and down his spine, in dire need of a little of his calming mojo herself all of a sudden.
Oblivious to her tension, Mac smiled at Brady. “You said there’s a bathroom on board?”
The captain pointed to his left. “Through the salon and down the stairs.”
Mac gave Kate’s waist an affectionate squeeze. “See. Told you. You’ll be fine.”
“You can’t miss it.” Brady’s eyes landed on her again. To her relief, they didn’t linger this time. “We’ll head out as soon as Manuel gets here. Excuse me. I’ll see what’s keeping him.”
Rome waved the couple into the cockpit. “How about a quick tour?”
About the Author
I'm a lifelong wordaholic, contemporary romance writer, pampered wife, and proud mom. Escape with me into books.
If you like fun and flirty, saucy and sexy, exciting thrills and suspense, or simply a good chuckle, I've got a story for you.
Please visit my website, Tara Mills Romance, for more information on my titles, sneak peeks, and my quirky blog.
I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Google+ 

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Entangled!

Entangled has turned three and to celebrate this milestone and to say thanks to all their wonderful readers, all of their February new releases will be priced at $0.99! Bargain!!! Entangled have also launched a Steals & Deals page on their website, so be sure to subscribe to this newsletter to never miss out on new release discounts.
Entangled are also hosing a week-long Facebook birthday event! Join us from the 24th-28th Feb for lots of games, gossip, fun and of course, celebration. There may be even some giveaways...

I hope to see you there!

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New Contract!


I'm excited to finally announce that I've signed a contract with Entangled Publishing's Scandalous imprint. *insert happy dancing*! The tentative release date is set for later this year and I can't wait for my novel to be available through such an respected and supportive publisher.

If you want to keep up to date with my releases and further news, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media you use. Links are at the top of my blog.

Happy reading and writing.